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Ariel Zevon

Ariel Zevon is the daughter of Warren Zevon and Crystal Zevon, is the half-sister of Jordan Zevon, and is the goddaughter of Jackson Browne.



Ariel was raised by her mother Crystal in a childhood spent moving between Los Angeles, France and elsewhere in Europe. She attended Marlboro College in Vermont, where she studied sociology and theatre, it was also where she met her future husband, Ben Powel who studied writing. After graduating they married (officiated by Jackson Browne) and moved to Los Angeles, where Ariel started a modest acting career. The couple had both agreed to go back to Vermont if they had children, and they eventually did, two twin sons named Max and Gus. Her father Warren, despite being diagnosed with terminal mesothelioma, managed to live to see his grandchildren. Ariel attended the ceremony where Warren received two posthumous Grammys for his The Wind album and "Disorder in the House" song. Keeping true to their earlier decision, Ariel and Ben moved to Barre, Vermont. There Ariel founded Local Agricultural Community Exchange, an organization dedicated to supporting family farming, farmer's markets, organic food, and urban/rural relations. The organization has even been supported by Ariel's godfather Jackson Browne playing benefit concerts for the group. Powell and Ariel divorced in 2011 and LACE closed.

She released her own debut album The Detangler in January 27, 2018.


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