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Guide to Internet Fan Works[]

There are 138 fan images and Zevon homage or inspired literature on deviantART. More specific searches, such as song titles, can lead to more direct results, though some will only make clutter and unrelated results appear more often (try adding the prefix "Zevon" or some such to the search). There are seven Zevon inspired or related fan fiction pieces on FanFiction.net. There are 28 pieces with titles similar or related to "Werewolves of London". There is also a few one piece works such as an X-Men fan fiction piece inspired by "Mr. Bad Example" and a Gundam fan fiction piece inspired by "Desperados Under the Eaves". There are various other pieces, and to find them try and put a Zevon song title into the search bar. It should be noted that "songfics" are discouraged by the staff of that website, being worried about copyright concerns. Searching on the far more liberal Archive Of Our Own for Warren Zevon offers up 18 results as of February 24, 2013.

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