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"Gorilla" is a song from Warren Zevon's first album, Wanted Dead or Alive.

About the Song[]

The song is about a hunter entering the jungle to try and hunt gorillas. It is one of the most simplistic lyrically of all the songs Zevon made in his career. Jordan Zevon once commented "Dad had obsessions with certain things. He had an obsession with gorillas, and he had an obsession with skulls. There was a plastic gorilla thing that had wire-rimmed glasses on, and he had a song called, 'Gorilla', on his first album, Wanted Dead or Alive". A gorilla was also the subject of the Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School song, "Gorilla, You're a Desperado".

Song Lyrics[]

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Jungle telephone

Ding a dong ding ding _____ with a red mud

Ching a chong ching ching

Gorilla go bang bang ____________ling ling

Gorilla go bang bang ____________ling ling

Great white hunter

He shoot gun gun

Country boy baboon

Him go run run

Gorilla go bang bang ____________ling ling

Gorilla go bang bang ____________ling ling

Get Back Gorilla!!!!!!

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