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Hindu Love Gods was a short-lived (1984-1990) American blues project basically consisting of Warren Zevon and three quarters of R.E.M. (without singer Michael Stipe). Singer Bryan Cook was also involved.

Formed in Athens, Gerogia, United States of America in 1984, the original line-up included Peter Buck (guitar), Mike Mills (bass), Bill Berry (drums – then still with R.E.M.), plus Warren Zevon on vocals and piano. This line-up released one single, "Narrator", without much success.

Album cover

Buck, Mills and Berry joined Zevon on his album Sentimental Hygiene (1987). During an all-night (and supposedly drunken) session using remaining studio time after the completion of Zevon's album, the four recorded ten cover songs, mostly blues standards. Although originally not intended for publication, these recordings were finally released by Giant Records on the album Hindu Love Gods (1990). The song that received the most attention was a rock version of Prince's 1985 hit "Raspberry Beret", which reached #23 on the Modern Rock charts.


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