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Hurry Home Early: the Songs of Warren Zevon is the second Warren Zevon tribute album (released on July 8, 2005), the first being Enjoy Every Sandwich: Songs of Warren Zevon. Warren's son Jordan Zevon appeared again, this time singing the previously unreleased Warren Zevon song "Warm Rain", which he sung with Simone Stevens. The album's name comes from a line in Warren's song "Boom Boom Mancini".

Track listing[]

  1. "Splendid Isolation" - Phil Cody
  2. "I'll Slow You Down" - The Simple Things
  3. "Desperados Under the Eaves" - Last Train Home
  4. "Carmelita" - Rachel Stamp
  5. "Mohammed's Radio" - The Matthew Show
  6. "Boom Boom Mancini" - Tom Flannery
  7. "Warm Rain" - Simone Stevens and Jordan Zevon
  8. "Reconsider Me" - Alpha Cat
  9. "Mutineer" - Neil Luckett
  10. "Run Straight Down" - Roughly Enforcing Nostalgia
  11. "Life'll Kill Ya" - Brook Pridemore
  12. "Mr. Bad Example" - Robbie Rist
  13. "Suzie Lightning" - Robb Johnson

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