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Imperfect is the upcoming second studio album by Jordan Zevon, Warren Zevon's son, and is the successor to his 2008 album Insides Out.


Describing the inspirations for the album, Jordan described the artistic tensions towards making it saying "you have your entire life to write the first, but then you basically have to start from scratch for the next one." At first this caused something of a roadblock, but he has now stated it is a blessing as it gave him the time and option to select a more guiding theme for it. The title is one that has been in his mind for a number of years. In terms of tone he has stated it will be "definitely darker and more rock than power pop", potentially bringing it closer to his father's work.


Some titles mentioned include:

  • "May or May Not"
  • "Not Like Me"
  • "Merry Go Wrong"
  • "Wrecking Ball"
  • "The Epic Fail"
  • "Stick With Me"

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