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Insides Out is the first full length album by Jordan Zevon, Warren Zevon's son.

It was released through Texas-based New West Records on April 15, 2008.

The song from which the album was named was previously released in the extended play album Jordan Zevon, as well as "The Joke's On Me", "This Girl" and "Too Late to Be Saved". Jordan's version of "Studebaker" is from Enjoy Every Sandwich: Songs of Warren Zevon.

The only song from the EP not included is "Tomorrow".

Track Listing[]

  • "The Joke's On Me" (Summers, Zevon) - 3:30
  • "This Girl" (Summers, Zevon) - 3:33
  • "Home" (Coyle, Summers, Zevon) - 4:12
  • "Just Do That" (Coyle, Summers, Zevon) - 3:38
  • "Camila Rhodes" (Coyle, Summers, Zevon) - 3:30
  • "Insides Out" (Summers, Zevon) - 4:16
  • "American Standard" (Summers, Zevon) - 4:05
  • "Studebaker" (Warren Zevon) - 4:02
  • "Payday" (Coyle, Kramon, Summers) - 4:15
  • "Too Late to Be Saved" (Summers, Zevon) - 435

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