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Jungle Work is a song from Warren Zevon's 1980 album, Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School.

About the Song[]

This song has been described on occasion as the "mercenary theme song", which is actually an apt description for it. The song mostly describes the action of members of a S.W.A.T team, parachuting into enemy territory and sending their opponents "running to the huts" and sidelines into musings on mercenary life. Throughout the song you can hear the chant "strength and muscle and jungle work", which serves as the main theme of the song.


It is used as the music of the Russian reunification superevent if Mitchell WerBell III's Magadan is the one to do so in the Hearts of Iron IV mod The New Order: Last Days of Europe.

Song Lyrics[]

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Lear jet S.W.A.T team

On a midnight run

With the M16

And the Ingram gun

We parachute in

We parachute out

"Death from above"

We're screaming now

Where the pay is good

And the risk is high

It's understood

We'll do or die

Sten gun in hand

Where the gun is law

From Ovamboland

To Nicaragua

Strength and muscle and jungle work

Three young men

In a Russian truck

With a little MAC-10

Sent 'em running to the huts

These few young men

The few who dare

To battle in hell

Le Mercenaire!

Strength and muscle and jungle work

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