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About me[]

Hello, I am Warren Zevon fan from Seba Beach and I am more than happy to lend this wiki a helping hand. I have previous experience editing and creating articles for Wikipedia, I am the head moderator of the Blood Wiki, and I recently became an administrator over at Tongue Tied. Some of my favourite Warren Zevon songs are Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner, Mr. Bad Example, My Shit's Fucked Up, Trouble Waiting to Happen, Splendid Isolation, Jungle Work, Desperados Under the Eaves, Hit Somebody! (The Hockey Song), Rottweiler Blues, and Wanted Dead or Alive. I am also the author of a short fan fiction piece creating a crossover between the Blood computer games and the Zevon song for which my account is named.

Come to the Dark Side[]

The following is a track listing for my own personal greatest hits album I play when I am not at my computer:

The name comes from a description of Zevon's work I read online.

Disc One: Classics

Disc Two: Comeback

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