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The following is a list of memorable quotations said by Warren Zevon, then there is a section of quotes about Zevon.



  • Well, first of all, let me say that I might have made a tactical error in not going to a physician for 20 years. It was one of those phobias that really didn’t pay off.
  • Somebody who won't go to the doctor for a normal checkup is fearful and nervous, but once you find out what it's like on the other side, you can go beyond fear.


  • Sickness, doctors, that scares me, not violence -- helplessness. That's why I turn to violent stories.



  • I write songs about things that I'm simultaneously trying to not think about.
  • It just sort of happened. I wrote like what I'd always read and what was in the movies... I'm sure popular music is supposed to be like this.
  • I felt that it was music of another time, I couldn't add anything, and it wasn't necessarily so relevant anymore.


  • I suppose on some deep and profound level, the evening would seem incomplete to me without three minutes of howling.
  • I'm insane. I'm fucked up. I have problems. But I don't get depressed and I don't get bored.
  • The reason I put the skull with my glasses on every album is because it reminds me not to take myself seriously. Most people do take themselves seriously in this job, but so as long as I have that skull wearing my glasses beaming back at me from my luggage tags and shit, it tends to remind me before it's too late, that I better lighten up a little bit.
  • We buy books because we think we’re buying the time to read them. — Warren quoted Schopenhauer in "Keep in Your Heart" VH1 Movie.

About Zevon[]

  • Dad had obsessions with certain things. He had an obsession with gorillas, and he had an obsession with skulls. There was a plastic gorilla thing that had wire-rimmed glasses on, and he had a song called, 'Gorilla', on his first album, Wanted Dead or Alive.

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